Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cindy Stories

With an hour left of a short July 3 workday, I feel inspired to get back to blogging. I mentioned in my first post that I am the sad and often unwitting main character in some seriously embarrassing stories, and I want to get them written down before I forget them.

My first story, to warm up, actually is not about me although I was fortunate enough to witness it firsthand. I thought about it the other day during a visit to Famous Freddie's on the chain o'lakes last weekend. Last year at Freddie's I was re-applying in the bathroom when the DJ took a minute between songs to plug what Freddie's calls the "Love Boat." It's basically a 30-40 person boat you can rent out for parties. The announcement included the line: "rent the Love Boat for a 2 hour cruise for over 20 people and we'll include a 6-foot sub." The girl standing at the sink next to me scrunched up her face, turned to me and asked "who on earth are they going to fit in a 6 foot sub?"