Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Blues Brothers diet

"IHOPE" that the food here doesn't have bones in it...

I'm going to do a combo Jake and Elwood thing at lunch and have dry white toast and a coke. Never mind the 4 fried chickens, although KFC is quite popular here. (Side note...people here eat their KFC with little plastic gloves. Touching your mouth here is very rude, so "finger lickin' good" is not an effective slogan.)

A couple other things:

Last night at dinner one of the guys asked if I was cold. I said "no, actually I'm quite warm, why?" and everyone at the table got these shocked looks on their faces. I realized then that everyone in the restaurant was wearing sweaters, wool coats...Brian and I were the only people in the place with short sleeve shirts on.

Like Ireland, people here are very concerned with American politics. They asked if I followed the election and who I planned to vote for.

The mirror in my hotel is a "skinny mirror" like my living room mirror at home, and the lighting is amazing. The mirror in the elevator is a "fat mirror." It's an emotional roller-coaster just to walk to work.

The hotel has a perpetual loop of a Michael Buble CD going on in the elevators, club and lobby. I'm starting to enjoy it.

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